Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Like i said before on my previous post.. i was writing this one (partly) as i was writing the other one. Thats why its been posted so quickly... even though i doubt many people will have noticed because i don't get much traffic on the blog anyway.

Okay so today i would like to inform youuuuuuuuuuuu all about hmm..... lets see now... how to grow taller.

Yes that right it isn't just a myth people can really grow taller. I actually knew a guy who was only 4ft 2 but then with some shoe lifts and height exercises got to 6ft... okay maybe i was exaggerating a bit there but still. The height gain is about limitless only limited on a few things.
But with shoe lifts you will be able to appear to be taller easy.

Right so i have been talking about them but what can they do?

Well height increasing insoles are able to improve gait patterns along with posture! I know this because they improved mine. the orthotics in the height increasing insoles enable you to wear them not for short periods of times like high heels but all day.

With no discomfort you can be tall all day long.

They slip in any of your existing shoes.

I initially read about shoe lifts here:


Plus they write about other intresting products to help you improve yourself on that blog.

Bila Aku Harus Bercerita

Hello! This is my blog here on this very blog i will be talking about.. no lets go one better I WILL BE TELLING YOU! Oh no need to shout i guess. Anyway i will be telling you like i said the very best ways you can either get and also grow taller plus very helpful information regarding orthotics and other foot care products . and that not all considering that this is also a blog... my blog to be exact id like to also add my own personal touch in the form of my opinion political and other. And you will also be able to catch other things going on in this blog like for example i will be posting some Photoshop art i will be making from time to time... (that if i remember though.). Anyway hello. This is my first blog post and i am rambling on a little bit i know.. but who care.

Another post will be coming every so soon... im writing it as i write this one.. multiple tasking you see.